Music Review: Camelphat ft Yannis ‘Hypercolour’

The always reliable Liverpool based production duo CamelPhat are back with a bang! I absolutely love this powerful new track which features atmospheric vocals from Yannis, the lead singer of English indie band The Foals.

Apparently CamelPhat have been fans of The Foals for a while and following their Grammy win with the ubiquitous ‘Cola’ they managed to arrange this collaboration. I would also recommend checking out The Foals as they have been releasing interesting guitar based records for years whilst occasionally dabbling in electronica on the side- some of you might remember the amazing Sasha remix of their song ‘Late Night,’ which features one of my favourite basslines ever created.

Anyway on to the present.. ‘Hypercolour’ is propelled by CamelPhat’s trademark driving house beats, with floating pads and an addictive vocal featuring, what I have to say, are quite original lyrics- at least compared to the vast majority of dance tunes! Combined with expansive synths and pumping bass it creates a huge dancefloor moment, when after a long build it finally drops into a sidechained synth lead and layers upon layers of vocals. Choon!