Why we must stop dancing to the sound of our own oppression.

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This ted talk articulated something that I’ve been thinking for a while, how often we ignore or accept lyrical content that is sexist, racist, homophobic or just plain ignorant because it’s become so normalised to hear it in pop music or simply because it has a killer beat underneath and a groove that we enjoy.

Personal musings on the creation of a new ‘genre’ on Beatport called Organic House & Downtempo.

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For better or worse, to many people Beatport has become a kind of defacto snapshot of the current state of dance music so it’s undeniably significant when they add a new subgenre to their categories and their most recent addition is entitled ‘Organic House & Downtempo’. They clearly felt it was time to draw a border around an evolving and very exciting subgenre and I for one agree with them on this.

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