The lead track for Islandia’s debut EP ‘We Are One’ is a soaring anthem with an uplifting message, propelled by exhilarating breakbeats, slamming basslines and capped off with a sublime guitar hook. An addictive mix of cutting edge electronic production and anthemic indie rock.

‘Alive’ is a uplifting, irresistibly funky dance jam with an infectious bassline, bouncy chords and a disco influenced vocal. Making waves on dancefloors from Ibiza to Miami, it achieved a top 3 placing on the King of Spins international Club Chart, with huge support from DJ’s and radio worldwide.

Just for laughs here is Episode One of a brand new occasionally exciting and intermittently disturbing series streaming soon on no major providers whatsoever!

The official lyric video for the beautifully chilled Magdelayna vs Altitude Remix of “We Are One”  by Islandia

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From out debut EP ‘We Are One’ released on NHMM records, ‘Alive’ is an uplifting dance track with an irresistibly catchy vocal and bouncy piano chords, underpinned by a pumping bassline and dreamy warm synth lines.

The lead track for Islandia’s debut EP ‘We Are One’ is a soaring anthem with an uplifting message, propelled by exhilarating breakbeats, slamming basslines and capped off with a sublime guitar hook.

I recorded this song in lockdown deep in the jungles of Thailand using nothing but a laptop and a mic whilst the whole world was in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s my personal expression of hope that among the chaos, if we can be smarter this time, the light at the end of the tunnel won’t be an oncoming train but the first glimpse of a new day..

A beautiful instrumental chilled mix of ‘We Are One’ that drifts you away on a soft cloud of sweeping pads, raindrop synths and distant vocoder lines. Featured on a number of Chill playlists and podcasts including being named Chillout Moment on Solarstone’s Pure Trance Radio Show.

A song for watching storms at sea, powered by booming 808 subs, delicate rhodes and discordantly ambient piano chords underpinning an achingly exposed yearning vocal.

A downtempo, urban influenced late night jam about heartbreak and eternal hope.

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All these years coming to Thailand and somehow I never managed to be here on my birthday, but due to the global pandemic all summer gigs in Europe got cancelled so the silver lining was getting to spend this special day in my spiritual home of Why Nam for the first time! Apologies for the people who asked if they could make requests but I had to tell them today I’m going to play all my favourite choonz and that’s exactly what I did. So this joyful, uplifting mix is packed full of Why Nam favourites along with brand new future classics. Not even the rain storm that swept in could stop the momentum of this party- we just moved the sound system inside and carried on for another few hours with an intimate sweaty packed dancefloor in the restaurant.. What a night, what a birthday, what a beginning to the next chapter of this legendary beach party..

One of my most popular uploads and also one of the deepest, most introspective sets I’ve shared- this is a mood enhancing mix for the darkest winter nights. Welcome to a journey into mysterious and mystical masterworks from the likes of Bedouin, Be Svendsen and Acid Pauli.. Let your mind and soul be soothed by the sounds of lost desert tribes playing achingly beautiful melodies with the softness of falling snow…

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Deep in the forested mountains of Northern Ibiza, in a secret location set amongst the pines, the Freaky Farm parties are an underground legend. if you are fortunate enough to obtain a place on the highly limited guest list you will gain access to the Turquoise Gates, through which awaits a wonderland where everything is fun, freaky and free… With decor straight out of a David Lynch movie it seemed appropriate to set the scene with Johnny Jewel’s unofficial Twin Peaks theme, the mysterious and sultry ‘Windswept’ and Martin Roth’s ‘Analog Guy In A Digital World’, his gorgeous hommage to Nils Frahm.
Building through an early hour of deep and mysterious Forest House, with atmospheric masterpieces from Hraach, Satori, Nu and Estray, the dancefloor fills with costumed Space Cowboys throwing shapes in the smokey lasers and I shifted gears into some funky Catgroove before hitting the home straight with some pumping Island Bass.

The first week of the new decade we were blessed with a powerful full moon lunar eclipse in the hypersensitive sign of Cancer (which happens to be my own zodiac sign) so there was a lot of transformative energy swirling around on the island. I wanted to mark this occasion with a set of beautiful, introspective and emotive music which would provide the perfect soundtrack for contemplation of the awe inspiring moon that rose above the still waters of Why Nam whilst we danced on the sand beneath, so enjoy this unique journey which begins with an ambient mix of my own composition Islandia ‘We Are One’ and slowly builds through some foresty deep organic jams to a climax of melancholic but euphoric remixes of Radiohead, London Grammar and Hans Zimmer. Lose yourself in the lunacy..

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Like a warm tropical breeze sighing across the urban landscape, Islandia is an evocative new project from DJ/producer and vocalist Stevie Keys, who has previously established himself as a well respected producer in the world of electronic dance music.

Notable career highlights include breaking into the UK charts with his ‘Antarctica’ project on React Records, subsequently signing his ‘Altitude’ and ‘Sound of Soho’ projects to Sony and Universal, with releases supported by the worlds biggest DJ’s and remixing artists such as R Kelly and James Brown.  An international DJ career has seen him perform at festivals such as Secret Garden (UK), Burning Man and Symbiosis (USA) and Meadows in the Mountains (Bulgaria).

Influenced by electronic acts such as LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk as much as indie rock icons Radiohead and Coldplay, Islandia present a unique combination of soaring guitars, uplifting lyrics and cutting edge electronic production, to transport you to a sunkissed beach where there’s always music in the air…


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