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The lead track for Islandia’s debut EP is a soaring anthem with an uplifting message, propelled by exhilarating breakbeats, a slamming bassline and capped off with a sublime guitar hook.

‘Alive’ is a uplifting and irresistibly funky dance jam with an infectious bassline, bouncy chords and a disco influenced vocal. Already reaching dancefloors world wide it achieved no 3 on the King of Spins international Club Chart and playlisted on radio stations all over the world. Check out the lyric video here!

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When you have an hour set in the main room leading up to midnight at one of London’s most anticipated parties you don’t fool around trying to be cool, so this is an unashamed get-the-party-started mix of good time celebratory glittery dance classics! Decompression is the official afterparty for Burning Man and true to Playa form the dancefloor was packed full of colourful pyschedelic superfreaks wigging out.. lose yourself as they did in this joyful mix that runs the gamut from 70’s disco to pumping house with a roundup of some of 2018’s biggest anthems..

After a year away circumnavigating the globe it was a long overdue visit to the verdant shores of Ibiza and a welcome return to the North’s greatest underground party.. Playing at the Farm just after midnight this year meant I could power into some peak time bangers with no warm up required so this set will kick you off into instantaneous ecstatic dance mode! Starting with an excellent return to the top from Disclosure, a few uplifting house reworks and then a little swerve midway towards some deep seaweed vibes, you will be propelled towards a full on vortex finish with some liquidly progressive island bass. Get freaky!

Losing my virginity in terms of playing an Ecstatic Dance event turned out to be a really interesting experience and quite different to my usual gigs. Only having two hours to craft the type of journey that would usually take me up to 8 hours required some precise attention to track selection and mixing, as my intention was to take the dancers on a flowing and seamless cinematic voyage from an atmospheric and sensual warmup, into an hour of full on ecstatic dance music that culminated in an emotional and relaxing conclusion. Judging from the reaction of the dancefloor, which literally exploded at one point, I think it was a successful foray into a new world and a timely reminder that it’s good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.

This is an eclectic mix for sunny spring mornings that keeps the pedal firmly in the groove from beginning to end, taking in several decades worth of irresistibly funky dancefloor weaponry. Recorded live at one of my favourite parties of the season, this is nothing but 5 star jams all the way- kicking off with classic soul from Marvin Gaye (who gives this mix it’s name), taking in some world music from Africa and Brazil, a sprinkling of disco classics then powering through to a big finish with some modern day house bangers from Camelphat and LCD Soundsystem.. yet always with a touch of soul. A perfect set to throw on for your next house jam, this is a journey through some of my favourite tunes of all time which is guaranteed to get you dancing joyfully by the end.

After island hopping my way home to Thailand from Ibiza I played a Valentines Day set on Why Nam and it was a banger!! A beach full of luscious lovers getting slinky and romantic in the tropical jungle is about the best way to spend an evening and this mix is a three hour journey into deep and uplifting island vibes… Encompassing artfully crafted sonic gems from Be Svendsen, Superflu, Audiojack and the awesomely named CamelPhat- this was been my favourite set of 2018 so far.. Close your eyes and dance the night away.

It was a dark and stormy night… I ventured on rough seas via longtail to play on the other side of the island with my trusty waterproof DJ backpack- fortunately as it turned out, because 5 minutes out a full on monsoon rainstorm hit and our boat was tossed and turned and full of waves.. I turned up to the gig looking like a drowned rat but got into the rainy vibe and dropped a set of beautiful delicate music from the likes of Be Svensen, Bedouin, Nicola Cruz and other masters.. Enjoy the organic sounds of tropical monsoon nights in the jungle!

A joyful hour of beautiful, soul stirring progressive and deep house to energise and enervate on every level. Recorded live in the inspiring environs of Bali, this mix reflects the shimmering transcendent tropical energy that you feel as soon as you step foot on this magical volcanic island.

A mood enhancing mix for the darkest winter nights- this is a journey into mysterious and mystical masterworks from the likes of Bedouin, Be Svendsen and Acid Pauli.. Let your mind and soul be soothed by the sounds of lost desert tribes playing achingly beautiful melodies with the softness of falling snow..

Deep in the forested mountains of Northern Ibiza, in a secret location set amongst the pines, the Freaky Farm parties are an underground legend. if you are fortunate enough to obtain a place on the highly limited guest list you will gain access to the Turquoise Gates, through which awaits a wonderland where everything is fun, freaky and free…
With decor straight out of a David Lynch movie it seemed appropriate to set the scene with Johnny Jewel’s unofficial Twin Peaks theme, the mysterious and sultry ‘Windswept’ and Martin Roth’s ‘Analog Guy In A Digital World’, his gorgeous hommage to Nils Frahm.
Building through an early hour of deep and mysterious Forest House, with atmospheric masterpieces from Hraach, Satori, Nu and Estray, the dancefloor fills with costumed Space Cowboys throwing shapes in the smokey lasers and I shifted gears into some funky Catgroove before hitting the home straight with some pumping Island Bass. For all the honorary Farmers worldwide this is a set to savour, one of my favourites I’ve played this year.. keep it freaky!

My farewell gig in Thailand was the final edition of what have been magical parties week after week all season. As Juliet says to Romeo ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’ and this set is a heartfelt goodbye to my favourite beach, which this year has been a cradle of creativity for me to experiment with adding live piano, vocals and various instruments to my DJ sets. As it was a particularly long 7 hour journey (!) I decided to split the upload into sections this time starting from complete stillness and a heart opening mantra, building gently through layers of drifting piano, acoustic gems, some classic sunny jazz and reggae, before warming up into the sunset dance. Thank you to all the beautiful dancers who lit up the beach in the last months, you are my inspiration and it has been an honour to soundtrack such joy and expression.

Burn Night 2016.. so there we were on top of the Hippocampus art car, a converted double decker bus full of sparkly (dusty!) disco dancers as we set off into a clear skied sunset. Glancing up at the jagged mountain range that surrounds the Playa I noticed a black cloud descending towards us that looked distinctly different to the whiteout duststorms we’d been enjoying all week and before you could even think ‘hmm maybe we should put the decks away’ day had turned into night and the whole world turned black. I couldn’t see my hands in front of my dust goggles but did that stop the Love Train from rolling on into the storm?Hell no.. it was Burn Night after all! As we inched out into the maelstrom it seemed appropriate to kick off with the Strauss theme Also Sprach Zarathusra (the anthem of space exploration made famous for all time in the movie 2001), fluorescent Playa bikes swimming in and out of sight like luminescent lantern fish in the deep sea abyss.. A pirate ship sailed by full of mermaids waving their tails, DaVinci’s man fell into a sea of fire, Mayan Warriors shot immense laser bolts into the sky.. and the Cosmic Conductor kept the soundtrack soulful, funky and that little bit psychedelic.. Come for a ride and relive the memories of an epic adventure.

To celebrate this milestone I always planned to upload something special- so to mark the tenth instalment of Why Nam recordings I went through all 20+ sets I played in Thailand this year and chose this one as my favourite. An epic 6 hour journey that joins the dots between chilled acoustic beachside jams, mysterious forest rhythms, irresistibly funky techno and full power progressive house. Like the ocean tides that inspired it, the sound follows inward spirals of expansion and introspection, building and falling, but always moving forwards through genres and moods. If you were on the beach that day you experienced the most joyful and ecstatic Why Nam party of all time, which culminated in the entire dancefloor jumping, whooping and jamming with live drummers, live piano, live vocals all contributing to an energy filled explosion. What made it even more special for me personally was that for the first time my mother came to one of my DJ gigs, not only that but she danced like an absolute professional for the whole set! I don’t mind saying I had tears of joy by the end of what was really a special and unforgettable night. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride…

Playing at Spice on a friday night is always a pleasure and this was a particularly fun night, which by the end was total chaos with everyone dancing on the tables, smoke machine on overdrive and lasers sparkling in the tropical night.. This mix starts with soulful funky dinner tunes from the likes of Al Green and Marvin Gaye, builds through the decades taking in disco, funk and rare groove and culminates in a finale of deep house classics- no holds barred dance music from the heart- with some absolute stone cold anthems from years gone by.

Sometimes things just go right.. after a long year travelling non stop I was finally back on my favourite beach, for the inaugural Colours of Love festival and Why Nam had never looked more magical. Lasers sparkling amongst the coconut trees, new friends and old dancing in the moonlight, glittering mermaids swimming in from a phosphorescent ocean and phenomenal fire performers thrilled us all while I played live piano singing into the skies, calling us into a higher vibration of love and cosmic connection..

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Like a warm tropical breeze sighing across the urban landscape, Islandia is an evocative new project from DJ/producer and vocalist Stevie Keys, who has previously established himself as a well respected producer in the world of electronic dance music.

Notable career highlights include breaking into the UK charts with his ‘Antarctica’ project on React Records, subsequently signing his ‘Altitude’ and ‘Sound of Soho’ projects to Sony and Universal, with releases supported by the worlds biggest DJ’s and remixing artists such as R Kelly and James Brown.  An international DJ career has seen him perform at festivals such as Secret Garden (UK), Burning Man and Symbiosis (USA) and Meadows in the Mountains (Bulgaria).

Influenced by electronic acts such as LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk as much as indie rock icons Radiohead and Coldplay, Islandia present a unique combination of soaring guitars, uplifting lyrics and cutting edge electronic production, to transport you to a sunkissed beach where there’s always music in the air…


17.11.18 – London Decompression

  16.10.18 – Kaleidoscope Ecstatic Dance

18.1.18 – Koko


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